North Central Combined Group

Cari Bieritz.jpg

Cari Bieritz


Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 65



Cari has worked directly with Medicaid Waiver services for over 15 years and has been as a Case Manager since 2015.  Cari has extensive experience working with residential programs, day programs, and as a supervisor. Cari is a strong advocate and a proactive communicator.  Cari enjoys nature and spending time with her friends and family.  Cari puts 100% effort into everything that she does.

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Kara Kimes


Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 6



Kara has been in case management since 2008 and has been a supervisor for over half of that time. She has lived in Indiana since graduating from Grace College. She enjoys spending time with her family, crafting, cooking, and traveling.  

Kara has worked in the field of Disability Services for over 14 years and has worked in various capacities including direct service. Kara is a CARF surveyor and is excited to learn and share her knowledge and experience with other organizations across the country. Kara serves on our Medically Fragile Committee and the Quality Review Committee.


Amber Barrett

Case Manager

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 139



Amber graduated from Ball State University and has a Bachelor of Social Work with a minor in Interpersonal Relations. Before becoming a case manager, Amber worked in long term care for 18 years, serving the elderly population as well as the developmentally disabled. Amber enjoys being able to advocate for people with disabilities.

Amber and her husband enjoy spending time with their 3 children and 2 dogs. Together, they enjoy watching movies, bike riding and traveling to various areas in the United States.

Elizabeth Bennett - 20190710.jpg

Elizabeth Bennett

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 110



Elizabeth started working for Advocacy Links in 2018. Prior to working as a Case Manager, she worked with young children with disabilities and developmental delays as a Service Coordinator with Indiana First Steps for over 10 years. Since graduating from Valparaiso University in 2001 with degrees in Psychology and Sociology, Elizabeth has worked with families and individuals and enjoys working with people from all backgrounds. She is interested in learning about others and likes to hear their stories.


Personal enjoyment centers around her family and close friends. She loves to travel to new places and spends a lot of time supporting her 6 children at their activities. Elizabeth has a great sense of humor and wants to spend time getting to know each person and learning how best to advocate for them.

Valerie Cassity - Photo - 20161230.jpg

Valerie Cassity

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 16


Valerie has worked in the field of Intellectual and Development Disabilities since 1989 and has been a case manager since 2001.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice from Indiana University. She has worked in various positions within the human services field, such as, direct care, group home manager, QIDP, Administration and Case Manager. 


Valerie is currently serving on the Older Adult/Dementia Committee.  Valerie has supported all ages and a variety of disabilities which has provided a wide range of knowledge. 

Blanca Cervantes - 20190710.jpg

Blanca Cervantes

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 120


Blanca Cervantes is bilingual in Spanish and English. She has lived and worked in a variety of states helping families whose loved ones needed help. She enjoys seeing children thrive and families flourish as a result of having the appropriate tools to improve their situation.  In her free time, Blanca enjoys watching movies with her family and being outdoors when the weather is warm. 

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Christina Chowrimootoo

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 82


Christina Chowrimootoo has been a Case Manager with Advocacy Links since 2016. She has a bachelor’s degree in education from the UK, with eight years teaching experience, specializing in teaching children with special educational needs and music. Christina is a dedicated and passionate individual who loves working with others, meeting new people and has a love of learning. In her spare time, she directs and sings in a church choir. She is creative in the kitchen and loves to cook healthy meals. She enjoys traveling and going on adventures with her family as well as getting lost in a good book. 

Shelley DeLee.jpg

Shelley Delee

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 10



Shelley has been a Medicaid Waiver Case Manager for over 8 years.  Before that she was a case manager in the First Steps program as well as at a community mental health center.  


Shelley graduated from Indiana University South Bend.  Shelley loves to help others and will answer any questions promptly.  Shelley is involved in the Technology committee and the Transition Advisory Council. 

Annie Emery.jpg

Annie Emery

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 106



Annie graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor's of Science in Education in 2006 and spent over 10 years working in the field of Education. She took her passion for helping others from Education to Case Management in 2018 when she joined the Advocacy Links team. Annie enjoys forming relationships with the individuals she serves and working to help them live their best life.  
She and her husband are raising two boys in South Bend, where she has lived her whole life. Annie and her family like to attend sporting events, visit local parks, take walks, go on bike rides, and spend time with family and friends.

MJ Frey.jpg

MJ Frey

Experienced Case Manager / Mentor

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 74


MJ Frey has worked with individuals with disabilities in a group home and residential setting. She has extensive experience in organization management. MJ seeks every opportunity to work with individuals and families to reach their full potential. MJ graduated from Bluffton University in Ohio.


MJ serves on the Accessibility Committee and is a Case Manager Mentor, assisting new case managers with training. MJ enjoys seeing all people succeed. MJ enjoys spending free time with friends and family, traveling as much as life allows and various crafts.

Karen Greer

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 90


Karen Greer (previously Ulis) has been working with people with disabilities since 2009 and has worked as a case manager since 2016. Karen serves clients of all ages and abilities throughout St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties. She enjoys advocating for all people and helping them reach their goals and their highest potential.


Karen enjoys spending time with her husband and young son. She enjoys cooking and spending time outside.

Lauren Horn - 20190809.jpg

Lauren Horn

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 129


Lauren Horn has a degree in Psychology from IUSB and a passion for helping others. Prior to case management, she worked with children as an ABA therapist. It is important to Lauren to build connections with those she serves and to assure they are thriving and happy. Lauren is a mother of one, and she enjoys music, movies, and traveling. She is very family-oriented and loves spending time with her family and dogs.


Victoria Hunt

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 136


Victoria Hunt came to Advocacy Links with 3 years experience in the field of Intellectual and Development Disabilities.  The primary reason she has followed this career path is because her younger brother has Autism, so she has a understanding perspective. 


Her desire is to help other families and be there for them, to help make the process as easy as possible and get the best services for their loved one.

Jakubowicz - Photo 2.JPG

Brandi Jakubowicz

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 143



Carey Kafatia.jpg

Carey Kafatia

Specialized Case Manager - Child/Adolescent

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 45


Carey has been a Case Manager since 2011. She graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Elementary Education. Carey has a passion for working with children and adolescents with special needs. She holds a Specialized Case Manager position working primarily with Children and Adolescents.   

Kirstyn Niebbia.jpg

Kirstyn Larsen

Specialized Case Manager / Special Language Guide 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 100


Through her previous work experiences, Kirstyn has had the opportunity to work with children and adults with many special abilities.  Her education in Spanish Translation and Secondary Education is beneficial as she serves the Spanish speaking community and bridges the gap to meet the needs of individuals. Translating for the local hospital for the past 20 years has given Kirstyn a great understanding of medical terminology and treatment plans.  


Kirstyn's skills in networking and relationship building will be an aid in creating supportive teams for helping them to achieve their goals.  Her hope is to help consumers build teams that will allow them to always have someone who knows the answer to questions and is just one phone call away.  Kirstyn has enjoyed teaching fitness and quilting classes in her community over the last 10 years.  

Nancy Lee.jpg

Nancy Lee

Experienced Case Manager - Transitional

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 27


Nancy has been working in the field as a case manager since 2007. She took on the role of Transitional Case Manager in 2014 and enjoys helping people get started with new waiver services. Nancy is dedicated to advocating for clients and their families and is always willing to assist with answering questions regarding Waiver Services in Indiana.

Nancy enjoys representing Advocacy Links at the Down Syndrome Walk and fairs throughout the year. She is involved with the Technology Committee and uses technology to add efficiency and security to the case management process.

Kelly Limberg - photo - 20200213.png

Kelly Limberg

Case Manager

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 141


Kelly Limberg is a graduate of Indiana University South Bend with a Bachelor of General Studies with a concentration on Behavioral Sciences and a minor in Women’s studies. She has worked in the case management field for over a decade.

Kelly is also busy mother of three children and love spending time with family, gardening, cooking, and crafting. Her passion is advocacy and helping others.

Annie Logan.jpg

Annie Logan

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 54



Annie graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts and Science, with a concentration in Psychology and Criminal Justice in 2013. She obtained a Child Development Associates through the State of Indiana in 2005 while teaching preschool in an integrated classroom and then worked in the South Bend School System. She has experience as direct care staff and a supported living house manager for adults with disabilities before becoming a Case Manager in 2014. Annie has always enjoyed forming bonds and friendships with people she has worked for and making a positive impact in their lives. 

Erin Phillips.jpg

Erin Milliken-Phillips

Experienced Case Manager - Transitional 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 59



Erin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Indiana University of South Bend. She has been working as a case manager since 2014. Erin has an incredible amount of experience in advocating for individuals who seek assistance as well as experience in caring for people who have developmental disabilities. Having been raised in a family with an older brother who was medically fragile with developmental disabilities and in working as direct care staff for years, Erin possesses great compassion for individuals who need assistance and advocacy. Erin has strong communication skills and is a team player. She has served as a Medicaid Waiver Case Manager for years, and takes pride in building strong, lasting relationships with those she serves and those she works alongside to serve the consumer.

Tamantha Murphy.jpg

Tamantha Murphy

Intake Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 78



Tamantha has been a Case Manager for over five years. Prior to working at Advocacy Links, she worked in a variety of positions within the DD/ID field for the last ten years. Tamantha’s passion is advocating for families and assisting in accessing community and paid supports.


Tamantha graduated with a bachelor’s in criminal justice in 2012. She is currently involved in Child and Adolescent Committee, assisting families and communities to access and understand Medicaid Waiver Services. During her free time, Tamantha can be found spending time with friends and family. She is passionate about supporting her children in all they do and helping them to become productive young adults.

Christy Nine

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 107



Christy Nine lives in Goshen with her husband and son. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work as well as a nursing license. She has worked with individuals with special needs for the past 20 years.  Christy enjoys empowering individuals to live as independently as possible and reach their full potential. Christy loves to spend time with her family and they can often be found camping, riding bikes, hiking, or playing at the park. She also enjoys reading and playing the piano. 

Angie Price.jpg

Angela Price

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 48



Angela graduated from Purdue University and comes from an educational background, teaching for several years before joining Advocacy Links. She has been in Case Management for more than 6 years and is also involved with the Cultural Competency Committee.  


Angela volunteers with the local Cub Scouts organization enjoys running road races and teaching various Zumba classes at the local YMCA. 

Katelyn Short.jpg

Katelyn Short

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 83



Katelyn started working with individuals with disabilities while she was in college by tutoring students who received Special Education. Katelyn graduated Cum Laude from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Health and a minor in speech and hearing processes.  Since completing college, she has also worked with a residential provider as a QIDP overseeing the care for several people living in supported living sites and family homes. Katelyn has been working as a Case Manager since July of 2016. Katelyn is involved in the Employee Recognition Program. Katelyn has always had a passion for helping others and strives to help individuals reach their highest potential of independence. She takes great patience, understanding, and care when working with her families and teams to develop a platform for each individual’s vision for their lives. 

Katelyn enjoys spending time with her dogs, family, and friends. She also enjoys visiting new places, the outdoors, music, and shopping.

Kelly Sienicki - photo - 20181216.jpeg

Kelly Sienicki

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 121



Kelly Sienicki worked as a Special Educator for 18 years, assisting students with a wide variety of intellectual and developmental disabilities.  She took pride in getting to know her students on a deeper level-- listening and watching for areas of need or desire. Building a relationship with the student, their guardians, general education teachers, and outside providers has been paramount in helping students obtain growth and work toward meeting their academic, behavioral, or emotional needs.


Personal enjoyment centers around Kelly’s faith, family, friends, and the ability to keep learning. Kelly is an avid football fan and she enjoys other outdoor sports as well.

Kelly Straub - photo - 20190707.jpg

Kelly Straub

Specialized Case Manager - Medically Fragile 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 119



Kelly Straub has worked with people who have intellectual/developmental disabilities for over 5 years in a variety of positions including caregiver and family consultant. She has been a Case Manager since November 2018. Kelly has a degree in psychology from Indiana University-South Bend. Kelly has chosen to be in this field to be a voice for those that need it and to advocate for them.  She loves helping others and has made a career out of it. 


Kelly likes to travel, hike, read, and paint. She has traveled to all 48 contiguous states in the country as well as Canada and the Dominican Republic.

Susan Styers.jpg

Susan Styers

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 35



Susan Styers has worked in the case management field since 2013. Prior to that, she worked for over 8 years with individuals with developmental disabilities in the public school sector. She worked on building a relationship(s) with the student, their guardians, general education teachers and direct focus for students to obtain growth and work toward meeting their academic, behavioral, or emotional needs. Susan has a degree in Management from Purdue University at West Lafayette. She enjoys using her skills and abilities to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Susan has helped assist with intakes for waiver services for over four years and is able to facilitate questions regarding the complexities of waiver services in Indiana. Susan is involved in the Safety Committee, Accessibilities Committee as well as overseeing the Child and Adolescent Committee. Susan is also a member of the Transition Advisory Council (liaison between services and schools) of Marshall Co. Susan enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. Her passions are dancing, advocate for student athletes (Plymouth Athletic Board Member); active cross fitness person, as well as triathlon athlete.

Julie Sweetser - photo - 20181102.JPG

Julie Sweetser

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 17



Julie Sweetser graduated from the University of Indianapolis and has over 15 years of experience working with people who have disabilities. She has been a Case Manager since 2004.  


Julie enjoys working with individuals and their families to help navigate what can be a confusing world of services. She really enjoys connecting people with services that are going to make their lives easier, better and perhaps more enjoyable. Julie enjoys spending time with her family and pets. She volunteers with her children’s school and activities.

Caitlin Swinehart - Picture - 20191216.j

Caitlin Swinehart

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 37



Caitlin has worked with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities for the last 3 years, as a waiver provider. Prior to that, she worked in case management for 2 years and would sometimes work with individuals who have mental health disabilities, and sometimes who had a dual diagnosis of developmental or intellectual disabilities in addition to their mental health diagnosis.

Caitlin attended and graduated from the University of Indianapolis. She also volunteered with individuals on the Autism Spectrum throughout college. The volunteering throughout college is when she fell in love with working with individuals with disabilities and knew she wanted to work in this field.


Caitlin can also speak Spanish fluently and thoroughly enjoys reading and writing. She is also obsessed with coffee, and her dogs are furry children.

Melaine Turner - photo - 20190401.jpg

Melaine Turner

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 127



Melaine Turner has over a decade of experience as a Case Manager, with over half of that in a supervisory role, serving people with ADHD, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and those who also have a dual diagnosis for mental health. She has chosen to work in this field because she has a passion and a calling for helping people.  


Melaine obtained her degree from Harrison College. She has personal experience with individuals who live with Downs Syndrome and Autism. Melaine enjoys spending time with her children and grandchild as well as making crafts and antiquing.

Kayla Thornton.jpg

Kayla Thornton

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 91



Kayla has worked with individuals with disabilities since 2009 and graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She began her journey in this field by providing direct care services for four years and her passion only grew from there. Kayla then became a Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional for over a year before becoming a Case Manager at the beginning of 2017.


Kayla teaches CPR for Advocacy Links and is also actively involved in the Older Adult/Dementia Committee. She exhibits a passion for helping, supporting and advocating for others that enables her to build strong relationships with her consumers, families and teams. Kayla strives to surround everyone with guidance, comfortability, respect, love and care to assist in building a foundation for their wants, needs and desires in life. She is very family-oriented and loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and family. Kayla enjoys music, the outdoors, coffee, and shopping.

Diane (Reece) Erdogan - photo - 20181008

Diane Ergodan

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 29



Diane graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology as well as a Master's Degree in Applied Psychology. She has been working in the field of intellectual/developmental disabilities since 1998. She has held positions such as camp counselor, residential Qualified Developmental Disability Professional, Mental Health Professional and Case Manager. Diane has a special interest in working with people who have mental health and dual diagnosis.

Kristy Vodde - 20190710.jpg

Kristy Vodde

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 26



Kristy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Purdue University Fort Wayne. She has worked in the field of intellectual developmental disabilities since 1991. She has held positions such as direct care, Qualified Developmental Disability Professional, Community Support Staff, and Case Manager.  She enjoys advocating for others and helping people obtain the lives they want to live.


During her leisure time, Kristy enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters. Kristy loves to travel, hike, garden, and spend time with family.

Marcia Weaver.jpg

Marcia Weaver

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 72



Marcia has been working with people with developmental/ intellectual disabilities since 2012. As a case manager, she wants to support individuals and families with services and resources to help them achieve their goals and enhance their quality of life. She also serves on an Advocacy Links committee for the needs of the Medically Fragile.  

 Marcia holds a degree in psychology and has a special interest in helping individuals on the autism spectrum. Previously, she taught many years in an integrated Montessori classroom and also worked with children with special needs in the public-school system. In her free time, Marcia enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking with her family, and participating in her church activities.

Casarah Wolfe - 20190710.jpg

Casarah Wolfe

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 128



Casarah Wolfe graduated from Indiana University South Bend. She has worked with children and others with intellectual/developmental disabilities for 2 years. Having a family member who has a debilitating condition has provided Casarah with a personal perspective of those struggles to get the help and support they need to live life daily. 


Casarah enjoys making people smile. She enjoys mystery stories and crime movies.

Calise Zollinger - 20190710.jpg

Calise Zollinger

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 114



Advocating for people with disabilities has been a large part of Calise Zollinger’s character for her entire life. She volunteered with people who have Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in middle school and high school. In college, Calise was a paid caregiver and most recently she provided care for children with disabilities at the YMCA.  


Calise has chosen to work in this field because she feels there is a need for more than just parents to be advocates for their own children. She wants to make sure people who are looking for services can receive the help they need. Calise has six children and maintains a busy family life.