Porter County Case Managers

Dawn Alvarado - 20190710.jpg

Dawn Alvarado

Case Manager

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 89

Email: dawn.alvarado@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Michelle Jones, 888.537.5733 Ext.11, michelle.jones@advocacy-links.com


Dawn has many years of experience working with individuals who have developmental/ intellectual disabilities. She has worked as a DSP, QDDP, and QDDP Supervisor. Waiver case management has been her career for over ten years in Indiana and a neighboring state.  Dawn received her BS in Applied Psychology from Loyola University Chicago and an MPA from Indiana State University.  In her free time Dawn enjoys spending time with her husband and children as well as volunteering for a local mother’s organization.

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Stacy Banks

Experienced Case Manager - Transitional

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 75

Email: stacy.banks@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Michelle Jones, 888.537.5733 Ext.11, michelle.jones@advocacy-links.com

Stacy is a graduate of Indiana University South Bend with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. Upon graduation, she has been working in social services with elderly, physically disabled and people with intellectual disabilities since 2003. Almost all of her experience has been working directly with all aspects of the Indiana Medicaid Waiver program, she is able to commit herself to improving the lives of her clients and families.   

Born and raised in the same small town she currently raises her large family, she is devoted to bettering her community. She is on her local park board and an active member of her community. 

Rhonda Bass.jpg

Rhonda Bass

Specialized Case Manager - Child/Adoleescent

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 96

Email: rhonda.bass@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Michelle Jones, 888.537.5733 Ext.11, michelle.jones@advocacy-links.com

Rhonda graduated from University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s in Human Service. She has previous experience working with children and older adults with disabilities. Rhonda began her journey in this field as a direct support professional.


Rhonda enjoys being out in the community talking with others and gaining resources to help assist individuals and families.  Rhonda is compelled to assist others fulfil their desires.  She has a passion for advocating for others.  She actively volunteers in the community, recently with habitat for humanity and with the local Girl Scouts.  During her free time, she also enjoys crafting, knitting, spending time with family and eating.

Bradley - Picture - 20200226.JPG

Barrie Bradley

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 142

Email: barrie.bradley@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Michelle Jones, 888.537.5733 Ext.11, michelle.jones@advocacy-links.com

Barrie is excited to bring his various experiences for the last 13 years to a case management aspect.  He has previously worked hands-on as a Direct Support Person to administrative duties as a QIDP and has advocated for individuals by ensuring they are living their best life by promoting independence, enhancing their experiences and enriching their lives with attainable resources.

Erin Chariton - 20190710.jpg

Erin Chariton

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 69

Email: erin.chariton@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Michelle Jones, 888.537.5733 Ext.11, michelle.jones@advocacy-links.com

Erin has been a Case Manager with Advocacy Links for over 5 years. Erin is a graduate of Ball State University. She has worked in the field of Social Services for over 10 years. She enjoys working with families and individuals in order to obtain services that best fit their needs.


When Erin is not working she enjoys reading, camping with her family, and repainting furniture.

Daphne Hart - Photo - 20200219.JPG

Daphne Hart

Case Manager

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 140

Email: daphne.hart@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Michelle Jones, 888.537.5733 Ext.11, michelle.jones@advocacy-links.com

Daphne's experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities began in 2006. She graduated with a Special Education degree with Autism Endorsement while working special education departments developing programs, curriculum and conducting teacher training. In 2016, she chose to work as a case manager, because case management is the best way to help individuals with supports, services, and advocacy.


Advocating, identifying, developing and coordinating services is something Daphne enjoys assisting consumers with to access their supports and services. Working with families to identify and develop resources and discover independence. 

Kimberly Johnson - 20190710.jpg

Kimberly Johnson

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 130

Email: kimberly.johnson@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Michelle Jones, 888.537.5733 Ext.11, michelle.jones@advocacy-links.com

Bringing over 24 years of experience in the Department of Children & Family Services, education, group homes, and HIV/AIDS, Kimberly Johnson is eager to be a Case Manager working with people with disabilities. Kimberly describes herself as detailed and organized. She loves to help others.

Brittany Simcox.jpg

Brittany Simcox

Experienced Case Manager - Resources 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 76

Email: brittany.simcox@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Michelle Jones, 888.537.5733 Ext.11, michelle.jones@advocacy-links.com


Brittany Simcox has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Valparaiso University. She has worked with both children and adults with developmental disabilities for over 7 years. During this time, she has held a variety of positions from field staff to Branch Director.  Brittany has been a Case Manager since June 2015. 


Brittany enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 young children. As a family, they enjoy fishing, watching sports and being outdoors.